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MIYING Wall-Mounted Wooden Coat Hooks Animer and price revision Hat Rac Ranking TOP12 Black Walnut Wood

MIYING Wall-Mounted Wooden Coat Hooks, Black Walnut Wood Hat Rac


MIYING Wall-Mounted Wooden Coat Hooks, Black Walnut Wood Hat Rac

Product description


MIYING Wall-mounted Walnut Wooden Coat Hooks with extraodinary appearance, great wooden texture and sturdy brass hook that enhance your home decor, it is a great way to get things off the counter and keep them well-organized hanging on wall, great for gedgets that everyday frequent use, such as purse, bag, hat, coat or key.

?Highlighted Features:

Triangle-Shaped Design

With the unique positive and inverse triangle design, easy to DIY, it will definitely enhance your modern or vintage home decor.

?Easy To Install

The coat hooks are easy to install with mounting screws and anchors. Even beginners can mount them without troubles! (Recommend using a drill with a diameter 0.3 - 0.34 inches.)

?Widely Used:

Decorative hooks Great choice for hanging keys, coats, robes, towels, hats, purses, jackets, scarves, etc.Perfect Decoration for entryway, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, Wooden Coat Hooks the sloping design makes it easier to hang clothes and other items, no worry about falling off.


Color: Golden Triangle Wood hooks

Meterial: Triangle Beech Wood

Quantity: 2 Pack

Size: 3.14 in * 0.74 in * 1.54 in


Best products and highest standard of service, Please contact us if you have any problems.

MIYING Wall-Mounted Wooden Coat Hooks, Black Walnut Wood Hat Rac

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