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Vintage USA Flag Sticker American Patriotic us Same day shipping Old America Superlatite Dist

Vintage USA Flag Sticker (American Patriotic Old us America Dist


Vintage USA Flag Sticker (American Patriotic Old us America Dist

Product description

Stickers can be applied to most smooth clean surfaces. Glass, metal, plastic, and sealed wood. First, clean the surface with WATER ONLY, not a solvent (Windex).

Dry Method:
1. Peel backing and slowly roll on to a clean surface. *We bend the sticker away from our body, line up horizontally, then touch the MIDDLE of the sticker to the surface and allow the left and right of the sticker to roll out. 2. Smooth with a clean finger.

Wet Method:
1. Fill a glass w/ 8 oz of water and two drops of dish soap and wet the clean surface with slightly soapy water.
2. Peel the backing and put the sticker on the wet surface and slide it until you are happy with the alignment and placement.
3. Carefully wipe away the excess water with a paper towel or a soft cloth. *This is helpful on larger stickers that are hard to apply.

Stickers w/ Transfer Tape:
To apply lettering or odd shapes, we add an extra layer over the top of semi-stick transfer tape. (This keeps all of your lettering perfectly straight while applying and makes odd shapes easier to apply.)
1. Follow the Dry Method above, then smooth out with a credit card on top of the transfer tape.
2. Remove the transfer tape SLOWLY, making sure that the lettering/decal itself isn't being removed.

Our vinyl is top quality, 4 mil thick, and rated to last 3-5 years outdoors. It is weatherproof and waterproof!
Est. in Los Angeles - 2004, AV started selling a few bumper stickers on USA-Made vinyl. Now we have over 8000 designs! **If you want a sticker we don't sell, just message us and we will create it and list on Amazon, if at all possible!

We are here 24-7 for all of your customer service needs! Simply message us with any issues and we will take 100% responsibility to solve any question or concern! *Small orders come USPS in 5x9 white envelope with AV logo.

Vintage USA Flag Sticker (American Patriotic Old us America Dist

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Inside the Issue

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