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kelistom 14k White discount Gold Plated 4mm Ch Cut Flat Max 84% OFF Diamond Link Star

kelistom 14k White Gold Plated 4mm Flat Diamond Cut Star Link Ch


kelistom 14k White Gold Plated 4mm Flat Diamond Cut Star Link Ch

Product description


SIZE: 9 10 11 inches

MATERIAL: copper, 14k real gold plating

OCCASIONS: gifts, appointment, wedding, work, anniversary, travel and any other occasion

SUITABLE GROUP: women, mom, mother in law, wife, daughter, aunt, sister, best friend

If you are not satisfied with the products, please contact us immediately
we will solve your problems within 24-hours.

Package include
1* anklet
1*elegant velvet pouch

kelistom 14k White Gold Plated 4mm Flat Diamond Cut Star Link Ch

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